Its been a while

Howdy guys! Ah This adventure has been amazing! Its been a few weeks since ive last wrote. Im going to keep it short and sweet. If you ever get the chance to travel do it!



While Im away

Theres no doubt about it that as parents we need space. Being a mom is hard, being a parent is hard in general. But theres something to be said about a moms work. Its a great feeling to know that my husband will be taking on this roll, as mom and dad to put himself in my shoes. Wait, who am I kidding! He will be hiring a local cleaning service over at to come clean the house. I guess thats better than nothing, right?


Its take off day

The day is here, time to take off on our first adventure around the world. I Schedule a pick up at my house with my local limo company over at   for first class service. Riding in style is so much better than taxis, right? A red carpet is rolled out for me from the limo to the front door. A chauffeur collects my belongings and puts them in the trunk.  Inside the limo are bright colorful flashing lights, and a bottle of champagne, thats the only way to get this party started! I may have forgot to mention, its just me myself and I.

Traveling Tips 101

Planning a trip takes a lot of work and thought! Some of the most important things to think about when planning a trip are:

  1. Important documents

Make copies and take them along with you. This includes medical and passports.  Also, included transportation information, hotel, and a map of the city/country you are visiting.

2.   Get vaccinated and stock up on  your medications

Depending on what part of the country you’re heading too, you’ll need to get vaccinated to prevent any illness and diseases.  You dont want to run out of medications, so make sure you have more than a enough to last you. At least and extra months supply.

3.  Money

Look up the country’s currency before you go so you understand the conversion rate. Also, check with your bank to make sure your credit card will work in other countries. ALWAYS have local cash. Not every place will take cards, especially buses and trains.

4.  Electronics

Electrical outlets are different all over the world, adapters that will allow you to plug your device into a foreign outlet will come in handy.




What Places Do You Want To Visit?

I was thinking last night about the top 5 places that I’d love to visit. Here is my list.

  1. Canada
    Ah,  so many beautiful cities in Canada.  Vancouver, Toronto, Banff, Quebec City, Montreal, Victoria & Vancouver Island, Whistler, Jasper National Park, Prince Edward Island. All filled with gorgeous mountains, buildings and wildlife.  Canada is also the home of Niagara Falls.


2. Europe
Europe is such a huge country, so huge that you could probably spend about 3 months there. Cities that are in Europe are London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, the list goes on. I personally feel like they are the main cities people want to see when they travel to Europe.


3.  Australia

                                                Sydney, Australia is the popular travel detestation.  As it is, next to miles of ocean coastline and sandy surf beaches. The city is also home to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, two of the most iconic structures on this planet.


4. Japan

Tokyo, Japan busy capital, mixes the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples.



5.  Hawaii

        Last destination, Maui, Hawaii, Now this is my style! I may never want to come back. Blue seas, clear skies, and the view just seems amazing.


Hey Ya’ll! If you read my About me  page you will find information about me, this blog and what its about and why I created it. But if you haven’t made your way over there, ill just give you a quick little run down. Im a mom of three babies. I say babies, but I have a seven year old, three year old and newborn. So really only one baby baby. I started this blog, because as mothers, we get lost. We lose our identity in motherhood. And with a husband who travels all the time for work, its pretty freakin’ lonely sometimes. I’ve found myself day dreaming a lot lately about traveling the world. And I know, im not the only mom in the world who feels like this! So I thought, why not write about my day dreams and share them with others?!?!  It will be like an open diary for the world to see.

Maybe one day, I can make all theses dreams come true! But for now, Ill just write

Alright, so whos ready for an adventure?!